Is there a better way to thank your business partners or associates than a small or slightly larger attention-grabbing sign?

Whether it’s a product that you just put in a greeting card or your business card, whether it’s a lot of promotional materials to share at trade shows – the price ranges are large and varied and sometimes it’s not easy to choose the right gift for the right person.

Let us help you. Each gift on offer can carry your personal seal or your company corporate seal. Gifts can be of lesser value and are handy for big events and mass sharing, and they can be of greater value and are intended for special occasions.
Some of the ideas you might find interesting …

● Various edible mini-jar products with the highest quality honey, candies, chocolates, fortune cookies, cakes, various other typical products…
● Gift baskets with edible products – choice of confectionery, wine, cheeses…
● Gift baskets with a selection of your products, corporate or marketing materials
● Wines with your personalized labels (0.2 l to 0.7 l)
● Flower baskets
● Bouquets
● Various images printed on magnetic material
● Book markers
● Cups
● Gift wrapping for gifts you already have
● Any other custom made gifts according to your wishes