Planning to celebrate your company’s anniversary?
Want to organize a world-class conference and host your partners?
Do you wish to invite your biggest customers and celebrate together your successful collaboration?
Or you want to give your coworkers a good party at the end of a successful business year?

In addition to the organization of weddings, by which we are known as the market leader (, we are also involved in the organization of all other types of events, especially corporate events. Whatever occasion you choose and whatever the topic of your event is, you (or your associates) will have a difficult time planning, site visits, negotiations, vendor agreements, decisions, reflections and dilemmas. But you can choose a simpler and more efficient way with minimal stress and decide to leave the entire organization to a team of professionals with years of experience in these businesses. Our team is made up of people from different business backgrounds, from designers, graphic designers, professional organizers, arrangers, tourism experts, florists, decorators, installers …. And all of them will be at your disposal, as our vast experience in organizing various types of events. We know the reliable suppliers (from musicians to catering, pastry chefs, restaurants, event centers, hotels, photographers and cameramen, various animators to entertain your guests …), we know how to arrange with them the best possible price / quality ratio , also we know how to organize and perform that day according to your ideas and wishes.
And not to forget perhaps the most important element, which is the development of protocols (to the smallest detail) for your special event and the coordination of all events and all suppliers throughout the entire event. From the reception of the guests to the farewell, it is only your responsibility to be a good host and fully commit to the people you invited.
We did all kinds of events, from celebrations, conferences, team building, fashion shows, competitions, live streaming, presenters, red carpets ….

We have also organized a world-wide conference for Strauss Coffee, which is held annually in a different country. On that occasion we handled a demanding project in which five events took place during one day, 08-23h, with 100 participants from all over the world:
-Workshops with presentations, Barista show, lunch, competition, Cupping, guest animation, live music dinner …
-Complete planning and elaboration of each segment, organization of drinks and food, photo and video productions, live streaming, organization of sitting with changes of set-up for each event …
A project that we are very proud of, and the words we received the day after justified the effort:

“Dear Gabi, Dear Kaca,
Once more, thank you so much for making Strauss Coffee event a great
Your excellent professionalism and in particular your personal
attitude is unique. All expressed their appreciation for the
organization, food and whole day atmosphere.
It was a great pleasure working with you and hope we will work
together again on other project in future.
Thank you and warm greetings….”